It was announced on May 16 that vehicles would be disabled in Fortnite’s Arena and World Cup Online Open, and on May 22 Epic’s Loomin provided an update via Reddit.

Vehicles in Fortnite are imperative for competitive players as they making rotating quicker and safer since they provide a bit of protection.

On May 16, the official Fortnite Twitter announced that they would be disabling all vehicles due to a bug where players would become stuck and wouldn’t be able to exit.

Thanks to Epic’s Loomin, it seems like the issue has been fixed and vehicles will be returning to competitive play this weekend.

According to the Epic Games employee, the issue of players being stuck inside vehicles has been fixed and will be enabled for the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens this weekend.

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When there were no vehicles, there were a lot more builds around the map which made things a little chaotic.

Since vehicles were disabled for the past couple of weeks, some players preferred the “vehicle-less” meta of Fortnite Battle Royale.

May 25 to May 26 is week 7 of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers and will feature solo play.

Even though Epic Games has continued to try and battle bugs, the community is still upset by decisions made in the past like removing health siphon, banning stretched resolution, and more.

Did you like watching Fortnite esports without vehicles, or do you prefer to watch matches that include them? Let us know in the comments!