A new lawsuit has been filed against Epic Games claiming that the Fortnite developers have stolen a copyrighted dance move.

Leo Pellegrino, the saxophonist of Too Many Zooz, a
brass house group, has filed a lawsuit accusing Epic of “outrageous and inexcusable conduct”.

Leo is known for his colorful dance moves performed while playing the Saxophone during live performances. He is amongst many other musicians and actors who have opened cases against Epic in the past for allegedly stealing copyrighted material.

Took a look at the video below which was taken from a live performance by Too Many Zooz. Leo can be seen doing his signature saxophone entertainment routine, which he claims Epic has stolen.

In February 2019, Epic responded to an identical lawsuit from rapper 2 Milly, providing The Hollywood Reporter with the following statement…

No one can own a dance step. Copyright law is clear that individual dance steps and simple dance routines are not protected by copyright, but rather are building blocks of free expression, which are in the public domain for choreographers, dancers, and the general public to use, perform, and enjoy

According to The Blast, Alfonso Ribeiro, who also had a case against Epic, has closed his case stating “This action is dismissed by the Plaintiff(s) in its entirety.”

What are your thoughts, do you feel that Leo has a case against Epic Games, despite the Epic Games’ statement regarding copyrighted material and dance moves?

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