Save the World is heavily discounted right now if you’re looking to jump in.

While Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode gets most of the attention, there’s a pretty solid PVE game at its base.

Save the World was supposed to go free-to-play in 2018 but those plans never came to fruition.

If you are interested in trying out the mode then your only option will be to purchase it, which you can do for a lot cheaper right now.

Save the World is currently 50 percent off which means you can pick up the standard edition for $19.99.

There are many different editions you can pick up:

  • Standard Edition: $19.99
  • Deluxe Edition: $29.99
  • Super Deluxe Edition: $44.99
  • Limited Edition $74.99

All four of the editions are discounted by 50 percent, with each respective version offering a little more content for what you pay for.

It’s worth mentioning that even though Fortnite is available on the Switch and mobile, Save the World is not offered on those platforms.

Save the World recently made headlines by abandoning the random loot boxes in favor of letting players see the contents before the purchase is made.

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