Update: It will be a creative map.

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Ninja says a custom Fortnite map is being made for the Samsung event coming on March 16.

For an upcoming Samsung event showcasing the new Galaxy S10 phone, Ninja may have confirmed some very exciting news for Fortnite fans.

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During Ninja’s Twitch stream he has confirmed a custom map is in the works for the event but it’s unclear what that means.

You can hear Ninja speaking about the new map in the clip above where he puts emphasis on the fact that the map is brand new.

The map will likely not be available to all players and it’s not clear if that means it’s a Creative map or if it’s something Epic Games built exclusively for the event.

Samsung’s event, titled Ninja x iKON, is on March 16 so it’s likely all of our questions will be answered then.

A new map isn’t the only thing Ninja spoke about on his stream.

He showed off the new emote exclusive to S10 owners, which you can see in the clip above.

What do you think about the news of the new map? Will it just be a Creative map or do you think it could be something more?

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