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Epic Games introduces a brand new spectator system for the Fortnite Trios Cash Cup



This weekend we have our first official Fortnite competition since the World Cup qualifiers wrapped up towards the end of June.

The Fortnite Trios Cash Cup will bring a unique new format to competitive Fortnite. While other BRs have chosen squads as their preferred mode of competition, Fortnite has stuck to solo and duo events for the most part.

Now they are expanding the team to three, an interesting number because it is an amount of players few people have played games with.

And it’s not just the amount of people that changed, Epic is also introducing a new spectator system.

In the announcement that is mainly talking about prize pools, there is one paragraph that sticks out:

“For the first time ever, Xbox One and Playstation 4 players will be able to watch live matches that are currently in play directly from the leaderboard. As with all server replays, these matches will be on a 5 minute delay.”

This is super interesting. It gives Fortnite viewers unprecedented control over who they watch and when. Right now, watching competitive Fortnite usually comes down to a couple options.

You can either watch a big streamer like Tfue and focus on him, you can watch the main Fortnite broadcast which jumps between people, or you can follow the leaderboard and have multiple tabs open to control the action yourself.

The vast majority of viewers choose option one. It is simpler, keeps them in the flow of the game, and requires the least work.

Here are Tfue’s peak viewers during the final week of World Cup Qualifiers. Data from SullyGnome
Now here is the data from Fortnite’s official channel with the same date and time marked. Data from SullyGnome.

Those two graphs show how people want to watch competitive Fortnite. And Tfue’s viewership has actually been alleged to be much higher than that, Cloak said recently that Tfue was streaming to 300,000 viewers at one point.

Regardless of the exact number, the point stands that people prefer watching Twitch streamers over the official broadcast. This new option could be the best of both worlds.

Instead of tracking the leaderboard yourself and moving to various Twitch streams, you can pick the stream you want to watch based on how they are doing in the leaderboard.

If it works correctly, that would be the most streamlined Fortnite viewership yet. In addition, this could be a trial for the World Cup.

While they are vastly different events, trios is online and open to qualifiers, and the World Cup is a set LAN environment, this could be exploring the option of letting people watch different viewpoints of the World Cup players.

That would be an awesome feature as streamer cams won’t be active so it will either be letting people choose who to watch, or having the Epic Games camera crew make that choice for you.

Epic Games

Hasbro announces new line of Fortnite toys

Epic Games have partnered with Hasbro to once again bring Fortnite characters to the real world in the form of toys.



Fortnite Hasbro toy set

Hasbro and Epic Games are working together again to create a new line of Victory Royale toys for Fortnite fans.

Fortnite has transcended gaming for a while. At this point, everyone has heard of Fortnite – even non-gamers. It’s a cultural icon at this point and has been immortalized by Hasbro toys before.

Now, Epic and Hasbro are teaming up again to bring modern Fortnite cosmetics to the figurine world. They released The Foundation toy for Season 6, with an announced release of other toys soon to come.

New Fortnite X Hasbro toys

Along with The Foundation are Meowscles, a shark, Lynx, Rippley, and many other characters from Chapter 2. The Loot Shark is even complete with a belly full of goodies, just as they were in-game.

We don’t have a word on when these toys will hit shelves, but preorders for The Foundation toy are now available for $39.99. You can grab yours on the Hasbro Pulse website.

We’ll keep you posted when the rest of the toys officially hit the shelves. They’ll make a great addition to your collection, desk, or gaming setup.

Image Credit: Hasbro, Epic Games

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Epic Games

Epic Games reply to complaints of Fortnite storm visibility

The Fortnite storm is only getting less visible in Season 6. That is, unless you decide to cap your visuals with Performance Mode



Fortnite Storm circle

The storm has only become denser and denser over recent Fortnite seasons, leading to extremely low visibility – unless players choose to use Performance Mode.

Fortnite Season 6 has a lot of content for players to get excited about. We have a new map to explore, a crafting system to learn, and a whole lot more.

One problem has remained in the game from Season 5, however. The visibility of players inside the storm only seems to get worse, which is causing some fans to grow frustrated.

The darker storm tones of earlier Fortnite seasons have changed to a purple, foggy mess. You can barely see a few feet in front of you while running to the next storm circle, which is a massive downgrade from what we had just a few seasons ago.

This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if everyone was on the same playing field. Unfortunately, players who choose to use Performance Mode have a distinct advantage. Performance Mode completely removed the storm visibility issues – to the point where you can barely tell that you’re in the storm.

Reddit user u/EzBugatti99 posted a side-by-side comparison of Fortnite storm visibility with and without Performance Mode enabled. The difference is too massive to ignore.

Performance Mode is great for Fortnite players on lower-end PCs. You can choose to sacrifice some visual effects to achieve higher frame rates. Even some competitive players on high-end PCs are using it to boost their performance.

On the other hand, Epic likely never wanted Performance Mode to be necessary for anyone who wants to compete. Players who still want to experience Fortnite in high-detail won’t be on the same playing field as those who choose to use Performance mode. This isn’t even considering console players who don’t have the option to choose Performance Mode.

An Epic employee replied to this Reddit thread, saying, “We can discuss this with the team.” Only a few days later, they added the issue to the Forntite Community Issues Trello Board. It’s since been updated to “Fixed in Next Game Update,” which should be coming early next week.

Image Credit: Epic Games, u/EzBugatti99

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Epic Games

Epic Games tease new Exotics & Raptor Eggs coming soon

In a blog post, Epic Games officially teased Raptor Eggs and new Exotic weapons coming soon to Fortnite Season 6.



Fortnite Season 6 unstable bow

Epic Games have officially teased previously-leaked Raptors in Fortnite Season 6, along with new Exotic weapons.

Fortnite Season 6 is still fresh, but we know that Epic have plans for the months ahead. We’ve already seen a few leaks that point to new skins and weapons coming to Fortnite, along with the potential addition of dinosaurs being added to the wildlife.

All of these came in the form of leaks from data miners until March 22. Epic released a blog post, giving players some tips on surviving during the new season.

Fortnite Season 6 leaked weapons

Included in these tips were two small pieces of information that fans have latched onto. These are the eggs seen on the island and the addition of new “Unstable” Exotic weapons.

This phrasing likely relates to the Unstable Bow that was leaked at the beginning of the season, and the reference to the egg undoubtedly points to Raptors eventually hatching and patrolling the island.

With these elements officially mentioned by Epic, we can assume that we’ll begin to see new additions coming within the next few weeks.

The first time that we saw eggs on the island, they ended up being nothing but a teaser for future Battle Pass skins. This time, it looks like they’ll finally have

Image Credit: Epic Games

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