This weekend we have our first official Fortnite competition since the World Cup qualifiers wrapped up towards the end of June.

The Fortnite Trios Cash Cup will bring a unique new format to competitive Fortnite. While other BRs have chosen squads as their preferred mode of competition, Fortnite has stuck to solo and duo events for the most part.

Now they are expanding the team to three, an interesting number because it is an amount of players few people have played games with.

And it’s not just the amount of people that changed, Epic is also introducing a new spectator system.

In the announcement that is mainly talking about prize pools, there is one paragraph that sticks out:

“For the first time ever, Xbox One and Playstation 4 players will be able to watch live matches that are currently in play directly from the leaderboard. As with all server replays, these matches will be on a 5 minute delay.”

This is super interesting. It gives Fortnite viewers unprecedented control over who they watch and when. Right now, watching competitive Fortnite usually comes down to a couple options.

You can either watch a big streamer like Tfue and focus on him, you can watch the main Fortnite broadcast which jumps between people, or you can follow the leaderboard and have multiple tabs open to control the action yourself.

The vast majority of viewers choose option one. It is simpler, keeps them in the flow of the game, and requires the least work.

Here are Tfue’s peak viewers during the final week of World Cup Qualifiers. Data from SullyGnome
Now here is the data from Fortnite’s official channel with the same date and time marked. Data from SullyGnome.

Those two graphs show how people want to watch competitive Fortnite. And Tfue’s viewership has actually been alleged to be much higher than that, Cloak said recently that Tfue was streaming to 300,000 viewers at one point.

Regardless of the exact number, the point stands that people prefer watching Twitch streamers over the official broadcast. This new option could be the best of both worlds.

Instead of tracking the leaderboard yourself and moving to various Twitch streams, you can pick the stream you want to watch based on how they are doing in the leaderboard.

If it works correctly, that would be the most streamlined Fortnite viewership yet. In addition, this could be a trial for the World Cup.

While they are vastly different events, trios is online and open to qualifiers, and the World Cup is a set LAN environment, this could be exploring the option of letting people watch different viewpoints of the World Cup players.

That would be an awesome feature as streamer cams won’t be active so it will either be letting people choose who to watch, or having the Epic Games camera crew make that choice for you.

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