Party sizes in Fortnite have been traditionally limited to four players maximum. Epic Games has now updated the game to allow up to 16 players per party for large party game modes.

As you know, the party size in Fortnite and most other Battle Royale games has been set to a maximum of four players. While this makes sense most of the time, Fortnite’s large party game modes offer more opportunities for party expansion.

Epic Games has finally addressed this issue by increasing the party size of the Fortnite lobby. May the clans and guilds forever dominate in Team Rumble.

Party Size increased to maximum of 16 players

On April 30th, Epic Games took to Twitter to let the community know of a key new feature. A significant party size increase for all large team modes.

This change will effect all current and future ‘large team modes’ and allow players to create groups of up to 16 players. Most large team modes currently contain 20 players per team.

The new feature upgrade will make for much more competitive matches in large team modes. Players can have far better communication between teammates. This is especially true of clans, guilds, and other groups of gamers who use external comms programs like Discord or Xbox Party Chat.

Though the new addition could lead to harder stomps in favor of grouped up ’16-mans’, we believe the change will be for the best. The quality of gameplay in EndGame, Team Rumble, and other large team modes has significantly declined.

Many individual players simply use the game modes to complete challenges and leave shortly thereafter. This addition will give players a legitimate way to grind out quick wins in these special modes, allowing them to earn XP and Battle Stars

The addition might solidify large team modes as an perfectly acceptable ‘main mode’ for many players. What do you think of the change? Will you playing more large team modes with 16 man parties in the future?

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