The Final Showdown was a beautiful event to behold on July 20, but the replay files for the event became unusable due to patch v9.41. Thankfully, Epic quickly solved the issue by implementing a hotfix.

First of all, The Final Showdown certainly lived up to its hype and we hope you got to see it live. Being completely serious, it’s probably the most impressive live event we’ve ever seen pulled off in gaming.

Unfortunately, the event’s replay files became quickly corrupted on the morning of July 22 when v9.41 was released. Epic Games swiftly noticed this conflict and leapt into action to save the day.

The Final Showdown replays restored via hotfix

Epic Games stated that they’d be deploying a new update to fix current issues with Creative and iOS systems. While we’re glad to see these problems taken care of, patches mean potential corruption of event replays files. The official patch tweet warned of this unfortunate consequence.

Two days isn’t a lot of time for players to capture cool cinematic shots of the event. And Epic realized this immediately and worked to create a solution. Within a few hours, the studio released another quick tweet with calming news. The Final Showdown replay files have now been restored for all players.

If you want to see the cataclysmic fight in video form, we recorded our perspective. The most impressive aspect is how accurately the musical timings are synced the Mech’s and Monster’s movements. Truly amazing work.

While it’s great to see problems fixed quickly, wouldn’t a more permanent solution be better for everybody? The short-term extra load for workers would be offset by better background replays systems in the long-term. It’s time Epic worked to separate replays from their patch versions.

Replays should be independent of patches

It’s a lot to ask of Epic, but…pretty please?

The idea is simple, but the implementation would be anything but. Replays being tied into the patch version is a core systems feature present in nearly every game with replay file feature. For example, League of Legends deals with similar problems and hasn’t found a solution thus far.

Replays allow players to evaluate gameplay, review mistakes, celebrate calculated plays, and run back those wonderful events. Videos and images are nice, but they can never capture the full 3D experience along with additional HUD options for extra details.

If it’s at all possible, Epic Games should work to separate the replay and patch dependencies. The process would be exceedingly difficult and might take up months of development time from important coding gurus, but we believe it to be worth the trouble. Unfortunately, the problem could lie so deep that the whole game would need a serious revamp.

Do you think such a structural rework of the replay system would be worth the work? Depending on community response, Epic may seek to evolve the process if possible. Even a workaround solution would be awesome to let us view older patch files.