UPDATE (12:08 PM EST): Epic Games announced that the change has been implemented in Fortnite via a Hotfix.

The community has been very vocal with their opinions on a recent change to Explosive Damage in Fortnite. Epic has taken this feedback seriously and decided to revert the change.

Fortnite Patch v6.21 brought a controversial change to Fortnite which allowed players to deal damage through structures using explosives.

25% of explosive damage will now penetrate through structures and the environment.

The community has voiced their concerns with this change and how it affects the overall meta of Fortnite. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the seeming majority of the community is unhappy with such a change.

Eric Williamson (Design Lead on Fortnite Battle Royale at Epic Games) took to Twitter to make the announcement.

This announcement comes less than a day after Epic provided an update on the situation and how they plan to remedy it and make players happy.

in general, we feel like there’s a bit of an imbalance between aggressive play and defensive tactics.

It seems that such plans and their original intentions for the change have been discarded as an update will go live sometime today (November 2nd, 2018) to revert the changes.

What do you think, should Epic have stuck to their guns and re-worked the mechanic to better match the community’s wishes, or is scrapping the feature all-together a good decision after the overwhelming amount of negative feedback. Let us know and stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for all the latest news and announcement!

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