Fortnite’s emotes are a lot of fun and almost always worth a purchase, but Epic Games has run into some bumps along the road. Lawsuits from artists claiming exclusive rights of inspiration keep trying to take Epic down.

Epic Games has had several lawsuits taken up against them over the Emotes added to Fortnite. One of the most prominent ones was the ‘Carlton Dance’ or ‘Fresh’ emote.

All of the lawsuits against Epic Games have failed as American laws simply do not support these claims. Another artist has decided to take up the cause nonetheless.

Leo P sues Epic over saxophone emote

Leo P is a musical saxophone artist for the group known as ‘Too Many Zoos.’ He and his legal team are claiming that Epic Games stole his dance moves and used it for the ‘Phone It In’ emote.

You can enjoy the musical theme of the emote by viewing this 1-hour long video of the emote on repeat.

The artist’s legal team’s lead consel, David L. Hecht, said the following about the lawsuit: “There is no other saxophonist who moves like Leo P. and no doubt that Epic sought to exploit his likeness and signature movement for profit in Fortnite.”

We argue that not only is the lawsuit going to fail as all the others, but also that the inspiration more than likely came from another artist entirely.

Leo P? More like Sergey ‘Epic Sax Guy’ Stepanov

What was the first thing you thought of when the Phone It In emote released? Was it Leo P? Probably not.

The signature melodies and pelvic thrust of the emote are more than likely inspired by the much larger sensation of “Epic Sax Guy.” The meme/song is known by nearly every person on the Internet.

Sergey Stepanov is the person most people will think of when they see the emote. Epic Games will likely have no trouble in shooting down Leo P’s lawsuit.

Leo P may already have an impossible case in front of him and his team. Epic Game will no doubt use the same defenses of public use laws as they have in the past. In addition, the inspiration isn’t likely to be drawn from Leo P anyway.

What do you think? Will this lawsuit actually do any damage to Epic or will they simply defeat the motion before it ever reach court?