The Fortnite Season 6 Update (v6.0) brought many significant changes to Battle Royale, including the removal of 5 prominent items, one of which being the Bouncer. Many players were left wondering why the Bouncer was removed, finally we have some answers.

Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic Games, has provided insight on the design decision behind the removal of the Bouncer.

We removed Bouncers due to the influx of recent mobility items as well as more that we have planned for the future.

Sean then goes on to assure everyone that the Vaulting of an Item does not necessarily mean it is gone forever, as we’ve seen with the Guided Missile.

Understand that anything that is Vaulted always has the potential to come back.

At this time it is currently unknown what Mobility Items may be coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, have any guesses?

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