Were you one of the few who saw the Highland Warrior bundle in your Item Shop? Epic Games has temporarily disabled Bundles while a related issue is investigated.

Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic Games, has taken to Reddit to update players on the status of cosmetic bundles.

Many, but not all, players saw the Highland Warrior bundle available in their Item Shop for a short amount of time before it was swiftly removed. It is not yet known what exactly caused this error…

We’ve removed bundles currently while we investigate an error associated with them. Hotfixes sometimes take a little longer for all servers to receive them, so some players may have seen the Bundle version of the Store for a short time.

via /r/FortniteBR

Sources such as FNBR suggest that an insider has provided information stating that the bundles were disabled due to a bug causing refunded items to lower the cost of the Bundle.

While this has not been officially confirmed, it is a possibility. Epic has yet to provide an update as to when bundles will be back and fully functional, stay tuned.

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