The Account Merge feature allows players to combine two Fortnite accounts into a single account. Epic Games will be taking the feature offline in the near future.

Account merging was added to Fortnite to allow players to take two or more Fortnite accounts and meld them into a single account.

The feature has been dwindling in use and Epic Games has now decided that the time has come to end the service. Background data has probably shown very few players needing the feature anymore.

Account Merging Ending Soon

Account merging in Fortnite has allowed players to combine two accounts, but Epic Games has now announced that the feature will be coming to an end.

Players will have until May 6th, 2019 to submit a merge request. After that, the feature will be taken offline completely and no more request can be filed.

Epic Games has not stated why the feature will not be continued. We suspect that the use of the service is quite minimal nowadays as most players already use a single account across all platforms.

If you’ve never used the feature before, here’s how it works.

You head to Epic’s Account Merge website and select a primary account and a secondary account. The primary account will become the single account you own while the secondary accounts cosmetics and V-Bucks will be transferred to the primary.

The secondary account is permanently destroyed and only the primary account will remain.

The feature is useful for Xbox, Switch, or PS4 players that may have created a Fortnite profile without linking to their main account. This feature allows you to re-link the accounts and create a single Fortnite account across all platforms.

If you have not done so, we recommend submitting a request immediately so you do not forget.

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