Donald Mustard is at it again, this time teasing a potential Dungeon coming to Fortnite. Players expect it to be related to the eggs in the Polar Peak Ice Castle.

Donald Mustard is the Creative Director of Fortnite at Epic Games, he’s especially known to tease upcoming Fortnite content via his Twitter profile.

At the time of writing, Donald’s location is set to The Dungeon. This is very likely to be a teaser related to the eggs which were discovered in the bottom of the Ice Castle located in Polar Peak.

Teasing future content via Twitter is nothing new for Donald.

In November of 2018, Donald’s Twitter location was set to The Iceberg. This of course was a teaser of what was to come in Season 7.


At the beginning of November, Donald’s location was set to The In-Between for a short period of time before being changed to The Battle Bus.


The purpose of the Eggs located under the Ice Castle is not yet known. A silhouette of a dragon-like fetus can be seen on the eggs.

Players speculate that the Eggs are in fact dragon eggs which will hatch in due time and become rideable vehicles for players in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

The Ice Castle continues to melt over-time, revealing more and more of the castle’s secrets. It’s very likely that The Dungeon refers to the basement of the Ice Castle, where the Eggs are located.

What are your thoughts on The Dungeon and the Eggs located within the Ice Castle?