Don’t expect to record anything Fortnite-related on your Switch any time soon.

The Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite is not without its fair share of issues.

While the game remains mostly playable, there are still a variety of issues that make it perhaps the worst version of the game to play.

One thing that did affect the performance on the Switch was having the ability to record gameplay straight from the Switch.

Fortnite Switch
Via Epic Games/Nintendo

Epic Games disabled this feature and there are no plans to bring it back any time soon.

This was confirmed in a comment on Reddit.

“At this time there are no plans to bring back screen recording on the Switch due to performance and stability reasons as said in the statement. If at any point we are able to bring it back, we will let you know!”

Many games on the Nintendo Switch have the ability to record the last 30 seconds by holding down the screenshot button on the Joy-Con or Pro Controller.

We detailed many of the issues players are reporting with the Switch version of Fortnite yesterday.

Today a new thread has popped up on Reddit listing all of the bugs and problems currently found with Fortnite on the Switch.

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