Update: Epic Games has issued a secondary statement about the LTM issue, saying the errors have not been resolved. The studio promises to keep the community updated as they investigate the cause of the matchmaking problems.

Epic Games has disabled the Arsenal LTM in Fortnite in order to fix matchmaking errors plaguing the game.

Fortnite’s a sizable experience with thousands of moving parts and enough networking requirements to make your head spin. Due to this structure, sometimes things go wrong and maintenance is required to fix things up before they get out of hand.

Epic Games had to step in and disabled an LTM on August 9 to prevent further decay of matchmaking. They informed the community via Twitter in their usual fashion.

Why was the Arsenal LTM disabled in Fortnite?

If you were thinking about hopping on to play a bit of Arsenal, think again. Epic Games took the game mode down from all versions of Fortnite due to matchmaking errors. The devs posted a short tweet informing everyone of the unfortunate surprise.

Epic Games usually handles such matters in a timely manner, but it seems that they might be having bigger problems than expected. They updated the community with a secondary tweet later on in the day. The issue still hasn’t been resolved, but they promise to update everyone again once everything’s working once more.

While LTMs aren’t the most played mode in Fortnite, these sudden changes can still affect the gameplay of millions. We’ll be sure to update you once the service comes back online.

Players were reporting severe matchmaking issues on August 9 across the entire Fortnite experience. Judging by the replies to the tweet, many players had been unable to join lobbies and got the ‘try again’ message several times. After the mode was disabled, we had no problem hopping into a regular game of Solos.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for a B.R.U.T.E. nerf. The hope for such a patch dwindled a few days ago when Epic stated that they were still ‘evaluating’ the mech’s incredible power. Hopefully, they will release another statement about the game-breaking vehicle soon.