Some players have discovered that editing builds don’t feel as fluid as they used to and Epic Games responded to these concerns.

Season 10 has had numerous issues with building and editing that have been a constant work in progress.

With update 10.30, players have discovered editing issues have popped back up and now it’s hard to reach staircases over an edited wall, for example.

Editing has problems with v10.30

Reddit user i2eally posted a video highlighting these problems. He made a box with a staircase in it, but while he was able to edit the wall, he had problems with grabbing the stairs on the other side.

No matter where he aimed, he couldn’t manage to get a clean grab on the stairs. He again showed this was an issue when coming at a staircase from the side, even with nothing around it.

Having smooth and accurate edits is an extremely important part of Fortnite so when there are problems, it’ll greatly affect the feel of the game.

Luckily, it doesn’t sound like this problem will be around for that long as an Epic developer confirmed the problem will be fixed in next week’s update v10.31.

In the meantime, players will have to adapt to these issues, and while they are annoying, help is on the way.

Several other changes arrived in v10.30 but most of them revolve around map changes. The rift beacons that have been appearing in different locations have brought new locations weekly.

The big addition for this update is the return of Greasy Grove. Unfortunately, it isn’t an outright return but instead, it features a taco restaurant that forces everyone in the area to start randomly dancing during Taco Time.

On the bright side, you can’t build while you’re dancing so you won’t have to worry about this nagging building issues introduced with v10.30.

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