As if the official teaser images weren’t enough to fuel speculation, Donald Mustard sent out a cryptic tweet about Fortnite’s upcoming season.

Fortnite’s developers love to drop clues and hints through tweets and other social posts. In order to fuel some more discussion and speculation, Donald Mustard has tweeted out a mysterious tweet in reply to the latest teaser.

Donald Mustard, for those that don’t know, is the worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games. This makes him one of the most important figures in Fortnite’s development as well as the development of other Epic projects.

What is Donald Mustard getting at?

In a reply tweet to the May 7th teaser image for Season 9, Mr. Mustard decided to tease the community a little bit more.

While the tweet doesn’t include any explicit information about Season 9 or its content, it’s just enough to get even more buzz circulating.

Three words. “From the ashes….” What can it mean? We must know now! The excitement is so hard to contain!

Ok, let’s look at the possible meanings behind this tweet.

The most likely purpose of the tweet is in relation to the destruction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row in the latest Fortnite event. The Volcano sent fiery balls of lava towards the two locations and destroyed almost every building.

If you missed the event, don’t fret. Epic Games has a way for you to view the Unvaulting/Volcano event through replay files.

This, in effect, left the locations in “ashes.” The ground at both sites is covered in a mixture of obsidian and ash.

The tweet might referencing a return of the two locations in some form. A community member by the name of @StrideFN made a good point in reply to Mustard’s tweet.

The newest ‘Featured Island’ that Epic tweeted out is a modern looking version of Tilted Towers. Clean edges with open offices and a mix of black and white color schemes.

All of this is just speculation on our part. Mustard’s tweet could referencing something completely different. Epic has been known to throw players off with a bit of misdirection in the past. For all we know, Mustard could be just having a spot of fun watching us all speculate.

What are you theories as to what Donald Mustard meant by this tweet? Will be Tilted rise once more? Will a phoenix fly out of the Volcano? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.