Have you ever been confused whether your shots are hitting a turret or the player controlling the turret in Fortnite? Epic Games has good news…

Fortnite developer /u/EpicDustyDevo responded to a post on /r/FortniteBR asking for the colored hit indicators which are displayed when damaging a plane to be used on Turrets.

The purpose of these colored hit indicators is to gives players an indication of when their shots are hitting a vehicle versus the player within the vehicle. It can be quite frustrating and even cause a loss when you are unable to know whether your shots are landing.

Can we get the plane’s colored damage markers on turrets? (So we can see when we’re hitting the player or the turret.) from r/FortNiteBR

Not realizing this feature was once present, the developer initially responded that this would be a simple quality-of-life change and to expect it in the v7.20 update.

Great idea – looks like we can bang this out quickly and have it out next week with 7.20. Thanks for the input!

He later updated his response to confirm that this is in fact a bug and that it will be fixed in next week’s update which is expected to be v7.20.

…Was just informed it was a bug, not a new feature… can you tell I didn’t read the whole thread? Anyway, thanks for bringing it up, will be fixed next week.

Fortnite’s Turrets were a very controversial change upon being added, do you feel this fix will help the situation?

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