As of this April Fools’ morning, it would seem that Epic has not added anything special to Fortnite for April Fools’ Day. Very peculiar.

Many fans have been expecting some sort of April Fools’ Day joke from Epic Games.

Community members have created concepts aplenty around the day with ideas ranging from unvaulting overpowered weapons to reversing vehicle controls to removing all of Tilted Towers.

Definitely, April Fools’ Day would be great opportunity for Epic to prank us all with something funny or mysterious. Maybe lead us on a wild goose chase ending in nothing.

No gags just yet from Epic Games

But, alas nothing has changed on the shore of the Fortnite island as of 10:30am EST on Monday, April 1st. It’s a little disappointing in actuality, but the possible pranked could still be arriving later in the day nonetheless.

Epic Games has not sent out any troll-like tweets nor has anything been found within the game that could be a prank from the developers.

We’ve suspect there may still be something in store for us all. Perhaps we are being pranked by the masterminds behind the Fortnite experience as we speak. The studio has leaked some info on items and other features with great stealth before so we would not be surprised if the prank was already well underway.

Could v8.20 have been the prank all along?

Maybe, patch v8.20 is the prank and it’s in front everyone’s eyes!

Kidding, kidding (or are we?). The patch has gotten a lot of negative feedback from both the casual and competitive sides of the Fortnite community due to changes to siphoning, bugs, and other changes.

Be sure to tell us if you have seen anything out of the ordinary in Fortnite today. It could anything really, a simple addition or removal, a new haphazard broken feature, or something entirely strange.

You can tell us if you saw something that might a prank by Epic by leaving a comment down below or by tweeting us at @FortniteINTEL (DMs also work).

We’ll continue updating you on any events that may or may not occur throughout the day.

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  1. I was thinking about the prank being that guns work different, for example: Sniper: Shotgun, Ar:Smg, Smg:Ar, Explosive weapons: Pistols, Shotgun:Sniper. Or maybe the prank is literally not having anything for the day, leaving us with the “what will they add?” Question, and not adding anything at all.

  2. All they had to do was make boogie bombs make you bounce really high and impulse grenades shoot you insanely far, not that hard

  3. I don’t think they needed to do a prank anyway. It’s only going to last for a day anyway so they don’t really need to bother


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