Epic Games has released a blog post on the Fortnite BR subreddit asking players for details to report bugs and glitches in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

The goal of the post is to gather more anecdotal reports of issues players may be experiencing in Fortnite.

The blog details how to correctly identify and report bugs in a manner which could actually result in the issue being fixed. Often times players will report issues they are experiencing with insufficient information.

We need your help identifying bugs and areas of improvement with audio!

A great way to generate reports we can dig into and debug is via the replay system. We posted all the replays from the World Cup qualifier here.

What we are looking for is bug reports in the form of:

  • Replay URL
  • Time code of issue
  • Display name of player followed by gameplay view
  • Description of issue

Please note that 8.40 later this week (Wednesday at the earliest) is going to break network compatibility and invalidate the replays.


For those anxiously awaiting Fortnite’s v8.40 update, Epic has once again confirmed that it will be releasing the week of April 15th, possibly even Wednesday, April 17th.

No announcements or teasers have been released letting players know what the highlight of the patch is at the time of writing. What are your expectations, what would you like to see?

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