Epic Games have confirmed that they are working on an issue on Fortnite Battle Royale where bullets fired by a player disappear before they connect with an opponent.

Fans of the game have been complaining that when they fire a weapon, especially when using a shotgun, it seems like their bullets vanish before they make contact with enemy.

This issue can be a major annoyance when playing the game, especially if you find yourself surprised by an opponent, only for your shot to disappear into thin air the moment it leaves your weapon.

Reddit user jzimoneaux found himself on the receiving end of this unfortunate problem in a clip he uploaded to the popular website on Monday, December 3, when he dropped down on an opponent who was below him, just watch his bullets fail to hit and his enemy take him out with a single shot.

While this was incredibly frustrating for the player, there is hope that this issue may soon be fixed thanks to Reddit user JShredz, who works in Live Operations at Epic Games.

“It appears that outbound packets for a small group of specific Internet Service Providers are being dropped in certain scenarios, and we’ve also seen it most often when a shotgun is the first shot of engagement,” confirmed JShredz in the comments of the video.

“It’s still unclear exactly what’s happening, but we’re working with partners to get to the root cause in addition to our own digging to narrow down whether there’s anything we can do in our end.”

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