Epic Games have announced their intention to take on Steam by releasing their own PC games store.

The Epic Games Store will see developers receive 88% of the revenue generated by the game, with just 12% going to Epic.

This would put Epic Games at a large advantage when trying to convince developers to release their games through their store, as Steam takes on average around 30% of revenue, with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony taking around the same.

Credit: Epic Games

While there is no official launch date for the Epic Games store, a statement from the company says it will be launching “soon”, with a hand-curated set of games for both PC and Mac, and will open up to a broader range of games throughout 2019.

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Epic Games state that their store will be based on the idea that developers can gain a greater share of their revenue, while being able to create a direct relationship with the people who player their game through a client news feed.

Developers will also be able to partner with content creators, which is likely the reason that Epic Games announced that the Support-A-Creator tool they released for Fortnite back in October has been permanently extended.

Epic Games have refrained from revealing any of the titles that will be available when the Store launches, however Nick Chester, who is a senior member of Epic’s PR team revealed that more information will be revealed during The Game Awards on Thursday, December 6.

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