The Fortnite Trios Cash Cup kicks off on July 13 and is offering a prize pool of $1 million. During the day, Epic Games announced changes to the material harvesting and drops to the disbelief of several pros.

July 13’s Trio tournament will be one of the first tournaments to feature three players to a squad.

It was previously announced that the Storm Flip item was to be removed for the Trios World Cup, with participants gaining excitement at the opportunity of a somewhat even-fielded Fortnite competition.

Epic previous tried to hold four-man squad tournaments, but the number of builds on the server caused massive lag issues.

Before the event started on July 13, Epic made an announcement that they would be adjusting the material harvest and drop rate.

Material drop issues

Before Epic began to run the Trios Cash Cup, they ran into an issue with the material harvest and drop rates.

In order to avoid any problems, Epic has decided to run the tournament with the default harvesting rate along with removing material drop.

In addition, Epic will also run an additional one-day Trios tournament on July 21. Fortnite Arena Trios will also remain available until the end of Season 9.

Last but not least, in the Trios tournament, once the last player from the squad gets eliminated it will send players immediately back to the lobby in order to save server space.

Pros react

Some of the top Fortnite professionals who are supposed to participate in the event were not happy with the last minute change by Epic.

FaZe Clan’s Nick ‘Nickmercs” Kolcheff was amongst the first to comment on the change with a simple “L”.

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney also jumped in on the fun by posting a surprised gif.

The Fortnite Trios tournament is currently underway for fans who want to watch.

Be sure to tune into your favorite streamers channel to follow along and see how they are doing!