The EndGame LTM has gotten mixed reviews from casual players, but Epic Games is attempting to keep the game mode fresh via balance patches. New changes makes Chitauri wins a bit more of a hassle.

EndGame and Fortnite’s Avengers event started on April 25th and will continue to run for several more days. The LTM added with the event hasn’t been without its fair share of criticisms, but Epic is looking to patch the experience.

Several patches have already been made to the mode including a nerf to Iron Man’s Repulsors and changes to Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe.

EndGame patch nerfs Infinity Stones

Epic Games has access to all the background stats that one can dream of. They can see win rates per item, kill/death ratios, and way more from their headquarters in North Carolina.

With that information, they have seen a worrying trend that the Chitauri have been winning too easily in the EndGame LTM. A new patch has been issued hoping to balance out the trend a bit.

The change will make it a little harder for Thanos and his army to pick up Infinity Stones. While 2 seconds may not initially seems like a huge change, think about it in the context of the chaos in EndGame.

Within 2 seconds of gameplay, we’ve seen 5 Captain America shields fly, 4 Iron Mans take off, and 10 players scramble to build on top of the Stones.

The effect of the nerf will probably tip the scales in favor of the heroes. In addition to this nerf, Epic Games has increased the maximum pre-made party size of Fortnite. This means groups of better coordinated players will be playing throughout all large team modes.

Do you think this nerf will have a major impact on the Chitauri win rate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.