Competitive Fortnite fans have been begging Epic for updates regarding events and in-game tournaments, and they have finally responded.

One of Epic’s esport designers posted on Reddit explaining what the development studio is currently in process of updating.

SkyzYn explained that over 9 million players participated within the two days of the Winter Royale qualifiers across North America and Europe.

Epic is looking into running more events like Winter Royale by “providing players with opportunities to earn recognition by competing directly alongside the best of the best in Fortnite.”

During the month of January, Epic will be transitioning to a new backend system for tournaments which will bring new features like live in-game leaderboards and multiple knockout rounds, which will bring a new variety of events to Fortnite.

SkyzYn noted that fewer in-game tournaments will be held in January in order to prepare for the new back-end system.

At the end of the post, it is hinted that there will be more information regarding competitive Fortnite will be released within the next coming weeks.

Fortnite players like Team Liquid’s 72hrs has been asking for a ranked mode in Fortnite for quite some time, yet Epic seems to be dancing around the bush.

Epic is committed to competitive Fortnite, however, their dedication seems to be focused on quality over quantity in regards to competitive events and tournaments.

What do you think Epic has in store for Fortnite esports in 2019?

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