Epic Games has announced a new hotfix that will increase the speed of Glider Redeploy in supported game modes.

The new hotfix was just released and will increase the acceleration of Glider Redeploy by 200% and increase the maximum speed by 25%.

Glider redeploy has been a subject of debate since it was introduced at the end of October.

The glider redeploy allows for faster movement across the map and for players to save themselves if their builds get torn down.

After it’s initial release, Glider Redeploy was taken out of the main game modes but is still available in some LTMs.

A previous patch slowed down the movement of Glider Redeploy and it appears that Epic Games is trying to find the sweet spot where it isn’t overpowered but also isn’t useless.

The Glider Redeploy allowed for some players to be more aggressive but many players believed it lead to lazy builds and less skilled gameplay.

SypherPK has been one of the most vocal streamers saying he doesn’t want Glider Redeploy in the game.

During his stream SypherPK said, “Killing players like that. Players who think they’re so good because they know how to build […] and they come into an actual match and they just sit on top of you and they don’t even do anything.”

The community still appears to be split on whether or not Glider Redeploy is good for the game or not.

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