A change will be coming to the Infinity Blade during the Explore Pop-Up Cup in Fortnite.

The ‘Infinity Blade’ has generated a substantial amount of controversy since it was added to Fortnite on December 11 alongside the V7.01 update, with many believing the item is ‘overpowered.’

This was put on display perfectly during the North American Winter Royale Finals when Fortnite professional player ‘Psalm’ absolutely obliterated the competition with the Sword.

A number of professional players and high-profile community members reacted with an immense level of concern following its use. However, no official word from Epic Games has been released regarding the incident at the time of writing.

On December 12, the developer took to Reddit to announce that they will be changing a small issue with the Infinity Blade during the Explore Pop-Up Cup.

Explore Pop-Up Cup – Infinity Blade Changes from r/FortNiteBR

Although a massive volume of feedback has poured in from all around the Fortnite community, it is unclear if the Infinity Blade will see a change in other game modes.

A possible solution to the issue which has made its rounds around the community is placing the Infinity Blade into a Limited Time Mode playlist, much like the ‘Thanos Infinity Gauntlet’ LTM. But, we will likely just need to wait and see.

We will continue to provide updates on the Infinity Blade as more information is made available.

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