UPDATE: Epic Games announced that they will be reverting the aim assist changes that were added in the v7.40 patch just hours after it was released on Thursday, February 14.

According to their Reddit post, the studio originally attempted to resolve an issue while still “keeping the same aim assist feel,” however, they “missed the mark.”

Aim Assist Adjustments Reverted – Reddit

“Hey folks,

We wanted to thank you all for the quick feedback regarding this attempted bug fix. The goal for this change was to resolve an issue while keeping the same “aim assist” feel. We obviously missed the mark on this.

We’ve reverted this change while we explore better solutions to this problem. Thanks again!”

Original Story

Fortnite has upset a lot of controller players with the latest update.

There was a lot riding on Fortnite’s v7.40 patch in terms of balancing changes that had to be made.

Epic Games did a good job with handling various complaints, such as fixing Stormwing Planes and Hand Cannons, but it appears a different issue has appeared now.

Here’s what the change was in the latest patch:

Aim Assist “Snap-To” Adjustments

  • We’ve added a compounding time delay to the aim assist “snap-to” feature when spamming the Aim Down Sight button. Each button press after the first will apply a time delay, up to 5 seconds, before the aim assist “snap-to” effect is applied.
  • We are making this change to prevent situations where players would spam the Aim Down Sight button on enemies, which caused the crosshair to stay locked on to targets indefinitely.
    • This change should prevent the lock-on mechanic from being abused while retaining the same Aim Assist feel. We’ll be closely monitoring feedback about this change.

On paper, this change sounds good and will definitely deter players from abusing ADS on controllers.

However, a group of players have taken to Reddit to complain about these changes.

In a thread, numerous players are asking Epic Games to revert the changes as guns no longer feel the same.

To make matters even more difficult, these changes come on the day of a major Fortnite esports tournament.

Those on controllers will have to do some on-the-fly adjusting to these changes which is certainly not ideal in a competitive setting.

Epic Games is aware of the issues players are having but we’re not yet sure if any changes will be made.

Do you think the controller changes were too much in this patch? Let us know in the comments.

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