Epic Games’ Senior PR representative for Fortnite Battle Royale, Nick Chester, has took to Twitter to announce the time of a huge in-game Fortnite event.

This is the second event to be announced prior to its in-game occurrence – the one beforehand being the Season 4 missile launch, which struck a large hole in the sky and set the stone for a rift-themed Season 5; “Worlds Collide”.

Chester announced the time of another upcoming similar in-game event, stating that “You do not want to miss this Fortnite one-time event”.

“Trust me when I say: you do not want to miss this Fortnite one-time event. 1PM ET this Sunday. Be in game.”

He quoted a tweet from the official Fortnite page, which also teased the time for the event – starting at 1pm ET / 6pm UTC (although this may be a mistake seen as though it should be 5pm UTC).

The event will happen at the exact time the Fortnitemares event ends, so buckle up for something related to Kevin the Cube, or even more. The last in-game event that was announced ended up leaving a huge mark that would last a season.

We have yet to see a satisfying conclusion to the entire plot of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, which has included a missile launch, a rift in the sky, a cube forming and roaming the map, then the cube tearing the ground up into a floating island and then roaming around the map again – sucking the power up from the runes the Cube left.

The Cube’s current state is beaming a laser into the sky to open a portal, which has summoned monsters upon the map – dubbed “Cube Monsters”. Most are expecting the Cube to now explode, or similar.

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