Some of the top players from January’s Fortnite Australian Open have yet to be paid by Epic and now people are looking for a response.

The Australian Open tennis competition also had a Fortnite event which put the top Australian players against each other.

Epic’s $500,000 prize pool for the event was the largest Australian esports event in the history of the country.

Renegade’s X2 Twins Jesse won the solo Fortnite event, earning him $100,000.

It seems like some competitors from the Australian Open event have yet to get paid, and Epic claims that the prize money is not their responsibility.

Australian Open Prize Money

One player by the name of “ttvLeftRightGN’ participated at the Australian Open Summer Smash and placed in the finals, earning him $1,000 AUD.

He even qualified for the finals, earning him more cash, but he has yet to be paid.

ttvLeftRightGN posted a thread on the FortniteBR subreddit explaining his side of the story:

“It has been 3 months since the event finished 90 [DAYS]. There are around 20 people who have NOT been paid with a total earning of over $100,000 combined as shown in a quick list we tried to all put together for someone at epic to see but we have all been pretty much ignored upon trying to make contact, here is just a couple picture regarding what [has] happened as proof.”

One player directly reached out to Epic after 90 days, but was told that the “tournament wasn’t organized and sponsored by Epic Games. So, in this case you would have to contact the tournament organizers for help regarding your issue.”

Players who participated in the Australian Open have banded together in order to get paid, and it seems like Epic still owes participants around $187,000 AUD.

Epic Games has yet to make a statement on the issue, but we will keep you updated with any new information.

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  1. Epic games says they were not involved with that tournament. But then I found this after 30 seconds of googling..

    “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the fun of a
    competitive Fortnite event to fans and players in Australia,” said Epic
    Games co-founder Mark Rein. “Participants and spectators are in for an
    exciting weekend of gaming!”

    Pay up bitches.

  2. This looks pretty bad for Epic. Pretty obvious that they hosted this and need to pay the prize money out, unless there is something I’m missing.



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