Epic Games broke their silence on an exploit that allowed players to get unlimited shield through the use of a Zapper Trap slaughtering zombies in Fortnite.

The Retail Row zombies may be an annoyance but they can provide a good source of health if you spend time farming them up, but that leaves you open to attack from enemy players.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you might be interested to know you can kill them without even being near them.

The Zapper can farm Zombies for you.

One player discovered you can actually farm them even if you’re not in the area as long as you leave a trap behind.

Reddit user Scifearious found that if you place the Zapper trap, or a normal spike trap, behind that they will continuously destroy the zombies and reward you with health upon each kill, even if you’re completely across the map.

The zombies seem like they won’t target the traps as they only destroy structures to get to a player, and since you’re not there they don’t feel the need to break anything.

It almost feels more like this is a simple oversight versus an actual glitch, but Epic Games did confirm they are investigating it.

“We’re aware Fiends are destroyed by traps when outside of the Retail Row POI, but are investigating why they aren’t attacking your Zapper Trap consistently,” wrote Epic employee EmptyTux.

The wording suggests that your mileage may vary if you decide to try this out on your own. It sounds like the zombies may or may not attack your Zapper once you throw it down so don’t rely on it completely for a Victory Royale.

A fix for this hasn’t been deployed as of yet, but it seems like it could end up being one of the thing addressed in the upcoming v10.30 update.

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