The Epic Games developers have addressed ongoing issues Fortnite players have been finding with a particular Season 10 ‘A Meteoric Rise’ mission.

So far Season 10 has been delivering a ton of hardships for the player base, namely with BRUTE mechs and the Turbo Build saga that was bringing down the competitiveness of the game.

But the Fortnite devs keep a close ear to the needs of the people, and while they might not always agree with their community, they are quick to fix any unintended issues that could arise in the battle royale.

In a September 14 update, the Fortnite team announced that the Meteoric Rise Challenge that tasks players to “Land in a Rift Zone and place Top 10 in Solo, Duos, or Squads” will be “auto-completed” in light of the problems.

“We’re aware that the Meteoric Rise Challenge ‘Land in a Rift Zone and place Top 10 in Solo, Duos, or Squads’ is not tracking progress for some players,” The Fortnite devs said. “We will be auto-completing this Challenge for you…”

If some players struggling to complete that particular mission find that the Challenge hasn’t been cleared, then it could be taking Epic some time to get around to everyone but they “will provide an update when this is done.”

Previously, players trying to earn the brand new Visitor skin for Season 10 called Visitor Volta have been stopped in their tracks when attempting to check off the Challenge.

Enough players had reported the issue to finally get Epic Games on the case, which led the devs to simply remove the bugged Challenge by completing it for players.

This will be a godsend for those that have been struggling with the challenge but is an added bonus for players who haven’t made their way that far down the list of tasks to get the new skin.

With one task automatically completed for Fortnite players, it should make the hunt for Season 10’s Visitor Volta skin all the easier.

The rest of the challenges aren’t all that difficult to round up, so there should be a lot of players donning Visitor Volta not too long after the Fortnite devs remove the bugged challenge for ‘A Meteoric Rise.’

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