Epic Games has acquired Kamu, a firm that specialises in video game security and anti-cheat countermeasures. They have not disclosed the sum.

Founded in 2013, Kamu is the creator of Easy Anti-Cheat, used by more than 80 games and over 100 million gamers worldwide. Kamu’s suite of Gamer Services in Game Security, Game Telemetry and Game Community target the live management of player engagement, and empower developers and publishers to make the right decisions in their games 24/7, with ease.

According to the press release, Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Games) has already allowed the firm to begin work on Fortnite – Epic Games’ most popular product – to ensure that the multiplayer is “fair for all players”.

Not just this, but as Kamu is based in Helsinki, Epic Games’ reach across the world would have expanded and allow them to pick up new talent to work on their existing software such as Unreal Engine and Fortnite.

“Building and launching games today is incredibly challenging, and only half the battle,” Sweeney says. “Kamu’s tools for managing live games help developers grow and sustain their games successfully after launch.”

Previously, Epic Games have taken a strict stance on cheating in Fortnite and their softwares – even going as far as to take a 14 year old boy to court earlier this year. The boy had been banned over a dozen times prior to being taken to court – and had a youtube channel “dedicated” to cheating and data modification software.

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