A new theory has emerged in the Fortnite community that actually makes a ton of sense.

It is no secret that the internet and online gaming changes when the Summer hits. The average age of a Reddit user or player in Fortnite will go down a couple of years because kids are out of school.

So the theory posed by RocketHops is this: Epic Games is deliberately making Fortnite a more casual-friendly game in the Summers to connect better with the audience change that comes when school is out of session.

Their evidence centers around the pump shotgun being vaulted. Last summer, the pump was at its weakest point ever in the game and wasn’t in most people’s preferred loadouts.

Now there will be no pumps at all. In addition, last summer was the first time the Drum Gun made an appearance in Fortnite.

Here’s RocketHops full comment where he spells out this theory:

Sums up season 9 from r/FortniteCompetitive

Now obviously Epic didn’t just unvault the Drum Gun, the community voted upon it. But if Epic really has the stats they claim to have about community preferences, that vote may not have been a cleanly democratic process.

When you actually break down the voting options, it is easy to eliminate some of them. The planes and Infinity Blade were both so strong and widely disliked it was unlikely the community would vote on them. The Bouncers and the Grappler were both fringe utility items, not things people have been really missing in the game.

That leaves the Drum Gun and Tac SMG. The Drum Gun won and it feels like Epic may have been setting that up as the most likely result.

It would play into the theory posted above. Basically, for each Summer, Epic will remove the most powerful, skill-intensive weapon in the game in the Pump Shotgun, and will add more powerful laser-like weapons such as the Drum Gun.

Obviously this is all speculation, but it does make some sense. The only part I see wrong with the above theory is the added mobility. The most powerful mobility item/vehicle added to the game was the planes, and that happened in Winter.

The choice of weapons is accurate to what they did last Summer, we only have a case study of two seasons, but it will be interesting to see if this is an ongoing pattern in future years.

What do you think about this theory? Does it make sense to you?

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