The community has been gearing up for the next chapter in Fortnite, and one fan made an insane tribute to the Season 10 map.

Epic Games have been teasing that The End of Season 10 will mark a huge change to their battle royale. Various leaks and speculation indicate that a new map or a serious uplift to the current island will come to pass.

The detail in the recreation is insane. Credit: Origin Artwork Flickr

In either case, the Fortnite fan base has been preparing for the worst, just in case the devs decide to supply them with an entirely new map that will presumably drive the next 10 seasons of the game.

Fusing artistic prowess with an ingenious way of commemorating the Season 10 map, Reddit user ‘Originartwork’ revealed an intricate recreation of the Fortnite island’s layout.

Sparing no expense for a simple recreation, Originartwork made a beautifully thought out design that was executed to perfection in their map.

The Season X Wood Map! from r/FortNiteBR

The design features all POIs, including everything from Starry Suburbs that was added with the v10.40 update as well as the comic-inspired Gotham City.

But the creation also implements a clever use for layers to create a depth that just add to the clean aesthetic. The map is cut right down the middle with a river that runs through the island from north to south.

People might also notice that the artist included a “magnetically removable Kevin and Comet” piece that can travel across the map.

The labor of love is an insane recreation of the Fortnite island. Credit: Origin Artwork Flickr

These touches not only keep the design true to Epic Games’ map, but they also bring the creation alive since it emulates Fortnite’s everchanging map that’s been keeping players coming back for 10 seasons.

In a previous creation showing off the Epic Games logo on a wooden coaster, Originartwork said they used a combination of a “Laser Router Planer Sander Varnish” to create it. It seems like the amount of precision their Season 10 map has would make sense with those tools.

The artwork inside of the map is impressive enough, let alone the finesse that brings it alive. Credit: Origin Artwork Flickr

The user actually has a habit of making these kind of creations, seeing as they also made a map for Season 9 and others.

With swirling rumors of a new map coming, players are making their tributes to the Fortnite island before the release of Season 11 on October 13.

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