Epic has finally delivered on their promise to remove Legacy aim assist from Fortnite.

On March 6, Epic Games told the Fortnite community that they’d be removing Legacy aim assist from Fortnite. They gave us the deadline of March 13 for the removal – complete with an in-game countdown.


The announced removal of this setting came after widespread complaints of the aim assist working through structures and bushes. You could ‘L2 spam’ at a player in a house and follow them all the way through.

March 13 came and went, however, with no change to the aim assist setting. The in-game counter disappeared and we went into v12.20 expecting a change. That March 17 patch left it in the game, as well, leaving players wondering when Epic would deliver on their promise.

Most of the Legacy controller pros like Crr and UnknownxArmy had already made the switch to Exponential and Linear but were wondering if Epic would ever remove the original aim assist setting.

The content update on March 24 kept it in the game as well, leading players to think that Epic had given up on their promise. A few hours later, though, they finally released a hotfix to disable Legacy Look Controls.

You can still copy your Legacy aim assist settings to Linear or Exponential, but it’s not a direct conversion. I suggest taking a look at controller pros like Aydan or FaZe Sway for direction on finding some new settings.

Mouse and keyboard players are, undoubtedly, happy about this change. Let’s wait and see how they feel when controller players staple their left stick down and jump into every box in sight.

The new settings are far stronger than Legacy was in close-range combat, and traps are gone. There’s no effective counter other than good aim, anymore.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.