Epic has filed a lawsuit back in May against a contract quality assurance tester for leaks about Season 4 of Fortnite.

Back on April 27, while Epic was still teasing what’s coming for Season 4, a user shared information on Reddit about where the meteors would hit and what would change in Fortnite with the upcoming season ahead of Epic’s official announcement.

Epic is now suing Thomas Hannah, a contract QA tester, for those leaks saying the leaks caused “irreparable injury” for posting the leaks ahead of the official announcement. Epic says “he also diminished the enjoyment of the people who play, or who watch others play, Fortnite by ruining the suspense that had been building in the Fortnite community in anticipation of upcoming season.”

Hannah reportedly gave the information to a Reddit poster, who then posted the thread. The poster of the thread was not named in the law suit. The Reddit account and post have since been deleted.

As the meteors were dropping in Fortnite as Season 3 was coming to an end, there was many rumors about where it would hit — many fans assumed it was Titled Towers.

However a leak then shared by Thomas Hannah to a Reddit user stated it would hit Dusty Depot, which was accurate. Hannah today filed a defense in the lawsuit saying that he did in fact talk to someone but did not conspire to have info leaked. Hannah says it was a private conversation with an individual, but that individual decided to post the information provided. Talking about the information, however, did violate the non-disclosure agreement, Hannah admitted. The defense states that the third person, who is not named in the lawsuit, “pumped [Hannah] with a series of questions and guesses regarding where the meteor would hit” about how Season 3 of Fortnite would end.

You can read Epic’s lawsuit here and see the defendant’s defense here.

SOURCE: Polygon

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