Yup you read that title correctly. Epic’s suggested workaround to a new Fortnite bug was that players just “build slower.”

Hey, at least the best Fortnite players won’t all be traveling to a LAN that is going to set the record for the highest prize pool in esports history anytime soon.

What’s that? That is exactly the event that is coming up? … whoops.

Joking aside, here’s the situation. Epic Games has a public Trello board that they use to track all of the bugs currently being found in Fortnite.

In that board you can follow along with various issues. The cards are color coded to show if they are being worked on or if they have been fixed already.

One card states: “Editing a structure rapidly may create a different shape than intended.”

The card is marked as Orange which means that the bug is “Investigating / In Development” and Blue which means there is a “Workaround included.”

Honestly they would have been better off not including a workaround at all. That’s because Epic’s sage advice for people encountering this issue is to “Edit structures slowly.”

Ah yes, quality work around

Now this bug will likely be fixed by the World Cup, but this is not the thing you want happening with just a week until one of the largest esports events of all time.

With the best players all editing absurdly fast in the same lobby, this bug could actually significantly affect how the World Cup operates.

Even if the bug is fixed in time, other bugs can still cause issues.

If the World Cup is hurt by bugs, this “workaround” could become a calling card for the issues with Fortnite esports. A post about the bug already gained a lot of traction on /r/FortniteCompetitive so the issue is definitely on the minds of the competitive community already.

Big brain time from r/FortniteCompetitive

It really is beginning to feel like the World Cup may be a break point for Fortnite esports. After the event we should have a good idea of Fortnite’s competitive viability for the years to come. But as long as Epic has money, there will be pros who want to keep playing.

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