Update: A source close to Epic Games reached out and said that viewership through the game client was one of the main reasons why streaming viewership was down for the event this year.

While they declined to share viewership numbers through the game client, that is one reason – with many others in the article below – for the drop in streaming viewers.

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am happened last weekend and it didn’t go nearly as well as Epic would have hoped.

For the first time since Epic began running competitive Fortnite events, they were able to do a repeat of an event that had already happened.

The 2018 Pro-Am was really the coming out party for competitive Fortnite, before that only KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite’s drew significant viewership.

Unfortunately for Epic, they weren’t able to match the lofty viewership of that first event, or even really get close.

This event saw a 72% decrease in viewers compared to the 2018 event according to Githyp, a stats-based gaming website.

One bright side for Epic is that there are a variety of reasons for that drop, other than Fortnite just becoming less popular.

The hype around this event was insane

Why the 2019 Fortnite Pro-Am Struggled for Viewers

Competing against the first event of it’s kind is always difficult. Take the Overwatch League for example. The most viewed days are at the beginning and end of a stage.

That holds true for Fortnite. Nobody had seen an Epic-sponsored Fortnite event before the Celebrity Pro-Am in 2018, that meant a lot of people would tune in out of curiosity.

With a year of events under our belts, this year’s version didn’t carry nearly the same fanfare.

In addition, the date and time of the event caused a lot of problems. The main event was held on Father’s Day, a day many spend with their families and it’s unlikely your Dad wanted to watch Fortnite.

The event also happened quite late, beginning at 5 PM PT. That is well into the middle of the night in Europe, making the event a tough task to stay up for on a Sunday night.

While those reasons do provide some breathing room for Epic, having an event that cost this much money flop a bit definitely hurts the company.

The World Cup is basically guaranteed to draw a ton of viewers but the future of Fortnite events after that is pretty up in the air right now.

One of the key things Epic will need to fix is the production team and what they choose to highlight on the main stream.

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