An issue with scoring has caused Epic to temporarily disable the Reboot Vans in competitive Fortnite modes.

Sometimes these temporary disables are fixed within the day or even after just a couple hours, but this one seems like it is posing a bigger problem.

The tweet from the official account says they will be addressing this problem in a “future release.”

To me that sounds like language they would use when it won’t be fixed until a patch next week.

I might be wrong, but I’ve seen plenty of these tweets at this point and this one feels more definitive in language than others.

Epic is also in a tough spot because they have a tentative deadline of the beginning of qualifiers next week.

They can’t bring the Van back during a round of the qualifiers so unless they get a fix in tonight, it will have to be held off until Monday.

This is poor timing with week two of the World Cup qualifiers set to start in less than 24 hours.

In a lot of esports, losing a core mechanic like this would be cause for uproar and may even get events postponed. In Fortnite, compared to other changes that have happened around tournaments, losing the ability to respawn is pretty minor.

Still, this will change the duo games that go down tomorrow. It will be interesting to watch and see if the lack of respawning becomes part of a crucial situation.

We will update you when the reboot vans go back online, again, we expect that to be early next week at this point.

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