An employee from the Fortnite development team has responded to an inquiry on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit regarding the lack of a seperate Loot Pool in Competitive Fortnite.

In an unexpected turn of events, Epic Developer /u/EpicDustyDevo has responded to a player on Reddit who was seeking clarification on the reasoning behind Epic’s decision to maintain the same Loot Pool for the main Battle Royale and Competitive playlists alike.

While this is not the first time Epic has commented on the issue, this statement comes from a developer who is not on the Competitive team and thus offers new insight from a less biased point of view.

I’m not on the comp team, but I believe their desire is to keep competitive as closely aligned with the core modes as possible, in order to create the situation where the game that all of the players know and love is the same game that the best of the best are playing for big bucks. This means that theoretically any good fortnite player could rise to the top without having to learn a markedly different game, given time, dedication and talent. Obviously there is more to it than that and the comp mode can and does have differences from core, but that’s the heart of the idea.

Players on the Fortnite subreddit seem to have accepted this as a better answer than the previous answer which was stated in the Competitive Fortnite AMA in May which read as follows…

Are you guys considering a separate loot pool for Arena/competitive?

Not at the present time.

Having the same core battle royale game played by players of all skill levels is healthy for the overall state of the game and keeps competition open, approachable, and for both players and viewers.

We aim at one game, however we occasionally make exceptions (such as Siphon), but our threshold for branching core gameplay is very high. It’s up to us to find new directions for balance that reward players at every skill level, while not creating negative experiences for different groups. Even as Epic focuses on competitions where all are welcome to play in familiar ways, we’ll also be continuing to add tools that will allow players to customize their experience to fit their personal preferences and the way they would most like to play.

What are your thoughts on the lack of a seperate Loot Pool in Competitive Fortnite? Better yet, what are your thoughts on the state of Competitive Fortnite overall?

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