During an AMA six months ago, Epic confirmed that they were “actively considering” a Fortnite pre-edit setting. What happened?

Adding a setting to disable pre-edits is something that the community has been asking about since players started to get serious about Fortnite. It wasn’t much of an issue in the early days, but the request picked up steam once editing became a central part of the game.

The bulk of the player base has been editing in Fortnite for about a year and a half, now. Since it’s become so widespread, players have been asking for a way to disable pre-edits.

As it stands, players can pre-edit a structure to place in a certain way. This means something like editing a window or hole in the floor – which is almost always an accident.

The only time that pre-editing was a widespread strategy was on the Combat Pro days on controller. We didn’t have proper keybinds, so it was easier to pre-edit a cone into a ramp than it was to scroll through all of your structures.

Now, though, there is virtually no reason to pre-edit any of your structures. The only time it happens is by accident, which infuriates anyone who falls victim to the issue.

This post came across my Reddit feed today, and it reminded me to be angry at Epic for failing to implement a seemingly simple setting. They responded to a pre-editing question during an AMA 6 months ago – at the time of this writing (December 2019).

Epic was “actively considering” making a pre-editing setting six months ago. Where is that setting? We have revamped aim assist, a new map, fishing, the ability to hide in port-a-potties, and far more changes. What’s so difficult about adding a setting that allows us to disable pre-edits?

Chapter 2 seems like it would have been a perfect time for Epic to implement something like this. Fortnite is in one of the best states it ever has been, which elevates this topic to the top of our minds.

Still, we’ve heard no word from Epic on a pre-edit setting since this comment six months ago. There will always be the next big thing that the community wants Epic to change, but it’s been long enough for us to finally get some closure on this one.

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  1. Aha! But, there is a reason for keeping pre-edits on! Although this has NOTHING to do with BR, pre edits are what keep you alive in STW. Especially on the Storm King and most of all the new Mythic Storm King. Husks don’t break arches making it crucial to have an arch pre edited to keep your-self from falling into poison water crowed by a sea of husks. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STW in talking about!

    • That’s why they need to give STW the option to use separate settings and keybinds. On battle Royale I use left depad to pull my pickaxe out but STW is triangle. Which is annoying sometimes.

  2. The Save the World mode has side quests and a mission type that require pre editing in order to complete as the structures you are to build are outlined for you. since settings persist between modes, it would potentially cause an issue for players navigating both STW play and BR play. Having to toggle the setting back and forth to switch game modes. there may not be any easy way to actually fix this without problems which is why it may have gone untouched for long.

  3. Are you fucking serious? This game is fun, but so many of your “articles” basically tries to take all the fun out of the game. No one gives a shit about ‘pre edits’.

  4. Actually there is a setting to disable remove pre edits every time you take your build menu out. I use pre edit to make Dorito towers!

  5. There is a mission called build the radar in Stw on side mission on the map to build the radar and tou do have to pre edit or else you can’t place anything.

  6. There is a setting already. Ppease inform me if its not the same thing, but its called “Reset building piece” or something like that. Its down close to Aim Assist, and I dont know if this is only for console players. I will try to get the full name later, as im currently at work

    • The setting you speak of changes the selected building piece back to the wall. If you’re in your build menu, and want to place a ramp, the ramp is selected and placed. With that setting off, you can switch to your weapons and back to the build menu and the ramp will still be selected. In the same scenario with it on, it would set you back to place a wall rather than keeping you on the ramp.

  7. “The only time it happens is by accident, which infuriates anyone who falls victim to the issue.” although this rarely happens to me now, I do find it particularly hard to reset the pre-edit under pressure, defo Russo’s my Jimmy’s.

  8. When I boxfight I love to preedit my walls to give me right hand peak and my opponent doesnt usually expect it so I can typically get a shot off before placing a ramp/cone and finishing the job

    I do see why some people would want to turn it off tho

  9. This is b.s anyway. what needs addressed is hacking, aim bot, there lack of caring and letting hackers keep playing tournaments. And those who hack and can beat storm mythic with no trouble without consequences. This is crap and we are all tired of it battle royale is a joke all aimbot threw mountains while falling from bus with umbrella before ever landing . Only way thell fix it is stop paying till they do.


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