In a new blog post, Epic Games has provided an apology for the “state” of the Trios Cash Cup, new details on the Xbox tournament and banned the Storm Flip in the Fortnite World Cup.

Epic’s competitive blog posts always bring a bunch of new information to the competitive scene. With so many different competitions happening at once, Epic had to provide a wide variety of updates.

Starting with the top, Epic began by apologizing for the Trios cash cup. The first expansion into competitive trios went poorly as materials weren’t dropping correctly leading Epic to disable the feature entirely.

Having the meta change drastically the day of the tournament put Epic in the crosshairs of various Fortnite pros.

To make up for that issue, Epic decided to hold another Trios tournament. That follow-up competition will take place on Sunday and both the semi-finals and finals will happen in one day.

Xbox Cup puts console players on the stage

The Xbox Cup is a console players dream

Now for the upcoming Xbox tournament. Console players will have a chance to compete on a more level playing field this weekend. A solos tournament will feature a $1 million prize pool and will be open to all Xbox players.

This tournament will work like a World Cup qualifier. 3,000 people will move on from Saturday’s semi-finals to compete in the Sunday final event.

The qualifiers will be played on the new map immediately following the big event. That should provide a unique new playing field as no one will have a proper chance to prepare for the changes going in.

Changes to the World Cup Meta

Adios Storm Flip

The final update is that the Storm Flip item will be disabled in the World Cup. The item had already been causing issues and was disabled for the first Trios Cash Cup, now we know it won’t be involved with the World Cup.

This is a good decision by Epic. Not only is the weapon strong in the late game, it is also confusing for a casual viewer who might be tuning in to watch the World Cup.

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