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Epic announces Fortnite Season 2 Hype Nites

Epic has released the first official competitive mode of Fortnite Season 2. Hype Nites begin tonight, March 6.



Epic has released the first official competitive mode of Fortnite Season 2. Hype Nites begin tonight, March 6.

The rampant bugs in Fortnite Season 2 have prevented Epic from releasing any official tournaments. Late-game scenarios tend to be littered with issues, as anyone who watches or plays professional scrimmages will know.

That doesn’t mean that Epic has forgotten about the competitive Fortnite community. Today, March 6, they threw us a bone with the announcement of Hype Nites, starting tonight and running through April 25.

There will be two tournaments, this time around, that feature the Ghost and Shadow organizations from Season 2. The top performers in each region will be regarded with additional hype to add to their Arena points.

Each tournament will last three hours and will take place every Friday and Saturday. The ranks and rewards work out like this:

Rank          Prize
Top 1%      500 Hype
Top 5%      375 Hype
Top 10%    250 Hype
Top 20%    190 Hype
Top 50%    125 Hype

Epic has also announced Hype Nite+, which is a great way to grind your way up to Champion League if you finish in the top percentage.

Hype Nite+ costs 300 hype points in bus fare but gives you the opportunity to win up to 1,250 hype if you finish in the top 1%. The prize for Hype Nite+ works out like this:

Rank          Prize
Top 1%      1,250 Hype
Top 5%      950 Hype
Top 10%    625 Hype
Top 20%    475 Hype
Top 50%    300 Hype

As always, you’ll have to complete the two-factor authentication to compete in the Hype Nite event. It’s not a tournament, but it’s the closest that we’ll get until the bugs are sorted out.


New Crash Pad strategies make it a must-have in competitive Fortnite

Here’s a new OP way to use Crash Pads in Fortnite Season 3.



Crash Pads were one of the only unique items that Epic added to Fortnite before Season 3 began. We’ve seen similar mechanics in the Bounce Pads, before, but these pads work a bit differently.

By now, most players know that they can use a Crash Pad to break through an enemy’s structure. A lot of players will push opponents, throw down a Crash Pad, and jump in to finish the kill. This is old news, but YouTuber ShakaFN innovated on this strategy. He posted a video that showed five new Crash Pad strategies that put them into the must-carry strategy.

The first strategy in Shaka’s video is the most useful and informative. The strategy is similar to the grenade-stack strategy that we see in nearly all competitive matches. You need to be 27 meters away from an enemy, look straight into the sky, and throw a Crash Pad.

After that, you throw another Crash Pad at your feet to push your opponent. If your timing is perfect, then you should land as the first Crash Pad breaks through an enemy’s box. Shaka also showcased how you can use the same strategy to get a free sniper shot on an opponent. This would synergize perfectly with the new Flare Gun.

Most of the other strategies in his video are too circumstantial for widespread use, but all of them are innovations that bring us new ways to use the Crash Pad as an offensive tool.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see some top-tier players using these strategies in competitive matches, so hop into Creative Mode and practice your timing!

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Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals vehicle stats, fuel consumption & more

We now know exactly how fuel will work when cars come to Fortnite Season 3.



Land vehicles have been sorely missing from Fortnite for the entirety of Chapter 2. We started with the boat, then expanded to the helicopter, and can now hook onto Sharks and use them for transportation. In Season 3, fans were expecting to see cars enter the game, and we should be welcoming them to Fortnite, soon.

Reports have it that cars will come to Fortnite on July 21 – nearly a month after Season 3 first released. We can assume, then, that the water level will continue to lower week by week until the roads are clear for cars to emerge.

We’ve seen bits and pieces of details about cars trickle through, but July 6 revealed the most comprehensive information about cars to date. This information was provided by Hypex and placed into some easy-to-read infographics by FireMonkey. Let’s start with car types and more details about gas pumps.

Via: FireMonkey

We already knew the general vehicle types coming to Fortnite, but this new information gives us the official names. More importantly, it tells us a lot about how fuel will work when cars are eventually added. According to the graphic, you’ll be able to drag the hose a considerable distance away from the pump.

As interesting as this is, it’s a bit confusing. Previous reports had it that gasoline would be an ammo type, suggesting that we could carry it on our player. This new leak points to the need to visit a pump while in the game.

That’s not all that these leaks provided us. We now know that cars will begin to leak fuel when players shoot them, which makes sense as a game mechanic. Here’s all of the information about fuel consumption, boost, and more for each vehicle type.

Cars seem to be one of the more intricate Fortnite vehicles that Epic have ever added. The mechanics we’ve seen in the past, largely, relate to durability and mobility. Cars will have all of that and then some.

There’s still a lot to learn about cars – most of which we won’t know until they come into the game. Until then, this gives us nearly everything we need to speculate as to how powerful the first land vehicles in Chapter 2 will be.

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When are cars coming to Fortnite Season 3

The release date for cars in Fortnite Season 3 has been revealed.



When the Fortnite Season 3 trailer came out, fans were excited to learn that cars would be entering the game. When the downtime ended and players began to search the map, they saw that cars were nowhere to be found.

We saw a similar pattern with helicopters in Season 2. They were in the trailer and promotional art, but weren’t in the game. This time, however, we have a cannon explanation as to why: the cars would have nowhere to go. It’s tough to zoom around the map in a car when most of the roads are still flooded.

The water within the Fortnite map has already begun to recede, and levels will continue to lower over the course of the season. This begs the question: when will the water level be low enough for cars to traverse the map? Well, over the weekend, data miners gave us that information.

Cars will, reportedly, be added to Fortnite on July 21 – two weeks from tomorrow. This will likely come in a patch, as water levels continue to progressively get lower with each week.

We saw some additional information about cars in Fortnite a couple of weeks ago. You can take a look at all of that information here. As always, we’ll keep you posted with all of the updates we see for cars and everything else related to Fortnite Season 3, so stay tuned!

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