Epic has changed the fishing rod in response to user feedback, allowing players to fish for items on the ground.

Fishing was one of the best improvements Epic made to Fortnite Chapter 2. You can get some fantastic loot and the best healing items in the game by farming some fishing holes before jumping into combat.


One of the only complaints players had about fishing was that you couldn’t use it to pick up floor loot. It seemed like fishing for floor loot would be a no-brainer.

As it turns out, it was. Epic added the ability to fish for floor loot with the recent update. You can pick up weapons and items and bring them to you with the fishing rod. Make sure to use your newfound knowledge to snag a few items from your teammates before they find out about the tactic.

Of course, with no patch notes, there was no way of knowing about this change without any patch notes. Players had to try it out for themselves.

Discoveries like this beg the question: what else has changed? Are we missing new additions or mechanics because of the lack of patch notes? Sure, Epic told us a bit about the update, but nothing about being able to fish for floor loot.

How do you feel about the lack of Fortnite patch noted? Do you like discovering things on your own or do you prefer to have them spelled out for you? Let us know in the comments.

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