Primary schools in Gloucestershire, England have begun warning parents that Fortnite is making children “aggressive and violent” ahead of the Season 7 release on Thursday.

Reported by The Telegraph, parents in the county have been receiving letters informing parents of the apparent effects of playing the popular Battle Royale.

Debbie Innes, the deputy head at Widden Primary School has been the most vocal about the issue saying, “We have had a number of children for whom their behavior has deteriorated as a result of what seems to be playing Fortnite. So aggressive behavior and language which they have heard online.”

Though the article presents no research to back up the claim there are many ways that children can be exposed to toxic behavior through open lobbies or streams and videos.

However, it should be said that many streamers go out of there way to not swear on stream and create an environment that is appropriate for all audiences such as Ninja.

Fortnite is also a game that has a ‘T’ for Teen rating by the ESRB, however, online interactions are not rated by the ESRB.

When an article was released earlier saying that parents were sending their kids to rehab for Fortnite addiction, Ninja publicly Tweeted “Title should be ‘Terrible parents don’t know how to take their kids gaming system away’”.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, one thing remains certain, Fortnite continues to grow in popularity.

With an exciting Season 7 coming in the next couple days Fortnite will most likely only grow past its 200 million player base.

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