Fortnite’s map has received an immense amount of changes since the launch days. Most of the changes have been for the better, but we can’t help feeling a little nostalgic about the “Fallen” Fortnite locations.

Each Season, Epic Games cuts locations from the Fortnite map in favor of newer venues of combat. Many of these changes bring great new gameplay elements and landing zones, but old locations still deserve to be remembered.

The community, especially those that have played since the beginning, reserves a special place in their heart for these deleted locations. A dedicated creator created a video to commemorate the locations, inspired the Avengers: EndGame trailers.

EndGame inspired Fortnite Fallen Tribute

Avengers: EndGame arrives in theaters on April 26th and the plot centers on the “Fallen” heroes killed by Thanos. One of the marketing graphics for the movie shows the living heroes in colored portraits and the Fallen in grey.

FortniteBR subreddit creator, DictatorShadow, became inspired by this idea of showing “dead” or deleted content in grey. Fortnite has had many locations wiped away from its map. Epic Games simply snaps its gauntlet and away the location goes.

None of us can go back. We’re in the Endgame now. from r/FortNiteBR

The video shows off locations along with the current Season 8 replacements. Tomato Town, corrupted areas, Greasy Grove, and Anarchy Acres are among just a few of locations that have been removed from Fortnite.

Should Epic bring back old Locations?

While some locations, like Anarchy Acres, simply did not work out, many removed locations were a lot of fun to play/land in.

Greasy Grove for example was a popular landing location for many players that was in range of Tilted Towers with less risk. The location offered medium range fights, good loot, and a nice neighborhood aesthetic.

Greasy Grove was frozen over in Season 7

We’ve got a simply question. Should Epic start to bring back old, nostalgic locations to Fortnite?

We think…absolutely, but in a smart, controlled way. The Classic LTM mode would serve the purpose quite well.

The Classic LTM features a set of weapons that closely resembles Fortnite’s launch days. It’s the experience that a lot of the playerbase remembers as the best days of Fortnite. Yet, the map remains the same as the Season 8 map.

We believe it would be amazing for Epic to recreate the original Fortnite map within the Classic LTM mode (perhaps even make the mode permanent/longer than other LTMs).

Some of the removed locations were not present in the original Fortnite map, so Epic could sprinkle some of these locations into the Classic map. Of course, some of these would not work out, but game balance in LTMs is much more flexible than the core game.

What do you think of this idea? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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