Elon Musk has announced via Twitter that, alongside the Unity Engine, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is being ported to work from within Tesla vehicles.

The CEO of Tesla took to Twitter in late May to casually reveal that the massively popular Unreal Engine is being ported to the touchscreen devices found in the dash of Tesla vehicles. At the time of writing, similarly popular Unity Engine is partially compatible with these devices, allow games such as Asteroids to be played in the vehicle itself.

The team behind the Unreal Engine also happens to be the team behind the cultural hit Fortnite. Unreal powers countless games ranging from AAA to Indie titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Borderlands, and many more.

Musk himself is interested in having titles such as

It’s important to note that Tesla’s intention is not for drivers, or passengers, to have the ability to play games whilst the vehicle is in motion. One of the drawbacks of electric vehicles is the charging time, which takes considerably longer than it would to fill a traditional vehicle with gasoline. Tesla aims to give owners activities to do whilst their vehicle charges.

Safety is one of Tesla’s biggest concerns – because of this, games are not playable while the vehicle is in motion. However, Tesla is on track to have fully-autonomous vehicles in the future; perhaps playing Fortnite while your car drives itself to your destination is the future?

Given what we know, what are your thoughts on the potential of Fortnite being playable from within Tesla vehicles?

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