Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer continues to fill our playtime with thrilling activities and the return of vaulted weapons. The Double Barrel Shotgun blasts its way back into battle royale on July 5th for 24 hours of mayhem.

We’ve seen ten weapons return for a limited time during this summer event and it’s been an interesting experience. Epic Games should certainly consider using similar mechanics as tests for future weapons as these short runs don’t effect gameplay drastically.

The 4th of July “weapon” was, of course, the Bottle Rockets, but today we’re moving onto something bit more powerful. The Double Barrel shotgun rises once more to delete opponents at point blank range.

Double Barrel Shotgun Unvaulted for July 5th

Send them to the grave with the Double Barrel

The Double Barrel Shotgun was among Epic’s first attempt to liven up the shotgun meta. Tactical Shotgun had already lost their power and Pumps dominated the arena. While it solved some issues, it created others due to its awesome power.

This shotgun first appeared in patch 5.20, went through several patch iterations, and was then vaulted in Season 7’s 7.20 update.

Double Barrel Shotguns come in two variants, Epic and Legendary.

Optimal DPS of the gun easily beats out the Combat Shotgun, but its range is extremely limited. The time to fire in between the two shots is fast, but you’ll be forced to reload after every two. The reload time at 2.8 and 2.7 seconds are length for close range fights.

Essentially, the Double Barrel Shotgun won’t get too much use in the modern meta, but if you can get close…pull the trigger and you’ll get a kill. It’s not the most overpowered addition to the 14 Days event and it lands in nice middle ground. Who knows? Maybe the best meta in the 5 shotgun meta?

14 Days of Summer Fortnite Challenges

Just lean back and win some Victory Royales

As you know, Epic Games has been adding daily challenges with exclusive rewards for 14 Days in addition to the unvaulted weapons.

In an effort to help you out, we’ve created guides for every single one of these challenges. You can find them all in the list below:

We’ve been enjoying our time with 14 Days of Summer. It’s a chill event with lots of content, great attractions, and a fluid flow of meta changes. If this is the general path of Fortnite’s future events/launches, we’re really excited to see what Season 10 will look like.

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