Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer has entered its second week and unvaulted weapons continue to be released. July 2nd’s weapon certainly lacks the powerful punch of some other vaulted guns.

There are two major reasons for Epic Games to vault weaponry in Fortnite. One, the weapon exhibits overpowered characteristics and simply demolishs other items with too much ease (Zapatron, Infinity Blade). And two, the weapon preforms dismally and cannot compete on the battlefield.

Many of the 14 Days of Summer unvaulted weapons have been from among the best, but today’s comes from the bottom of the pack.

Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle unvaulted for 24 hours

Its thermal lens effect is cool at least, right?

Yeah, we’ve all seen this AR pop out of a Supply Drop and thought “I really didn’t want this….” The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle was among the worst weapons in Fortnite for a long time running and now it returns for a short while.

If you haven’t yet completed the ‘get kills with the daily unvaulted weapon/Drum Gun‘ challenge, you might want to wait for another day. We’d love to sing the gun’s praises, but in all honesty, Thermal ARs get beaten at every range.

The weapon comes in two rarities, Epic and Legendary. Here are the stats for each variant:

The per shot damage can add up to decent damage, but you’ll need to be hitting headshots consistently. Along with its slower than a snail firerate, it’s ill-suited for long and short range fights. If you are truly wanting to get a few kills with this gun, damage opponents first and then use the Thermal AR to finish them off.

To compare its damage to the normal AR, let’s look at the Damage and Fire Rate. In the span of 1 second, you can only fire the Thermal AR once. In the same time, a normal SCAR AR can be fired 5 times. The Thermal offers a single point of damage more over the 35 of the purple SCAR. These stats put everything into stark perspective.

All the same, we’ll have a bit of fun messing around with the weapon. It’s always entertaining to challenge oneself to using weaker weapons, especially if you are finding regular combat a little dull.

In addition to the daily unvaulted weapon, 14 Days of Summer is offering daily challenges with all rewards players with cosmetics. We’ve been compiling guides for these and will released a new one each day til the end of the event.

We hope you have a fun time experimenting with the Thermal AR despite its flaws. Epic’s idea for 24 hours unvaults continues to satisfy our want for content. The freshness these change bring to the game are welcome while being tame enough to maintain overall gameplay balance.